Porta Potty

Portable Toilet or Porta Potty for Events & Construction Sites
There is a reason they say we are the “One To Know When You Gotta Go!”.  Scotty’s Pottys provides the cleanest porta potties in the area.  We pride ourselves on providing high quality products with even higher quality service.  Call us today to find out why “When You Need A Potty, Call Scotty!”.
Event Restrooms
We provide luxury restroom trailers, standard event potties, flushing event potties, handicap accessible potties, hand wash stations and more.  We can handle events from 10 guests to 10,00 guests.
People may not remember the best man’s speech at your wedding or the quality of the entertainment at your event but they will remember if you had good restrooms.  Don’t let your guests have a crappy experience at your wedding or event.  Call the best in event restrooms.
Construction Sites
We know every construction site has to have good portable restrooms to keep workers on the job and being productive.  Having workers drive to the nearest convenience store to use the restroom because the porta potty isn’t clean costs you time and money.  We provide the right number of units and service frequency to ensure your workers have a sanitary place to go.
We also provide hand wash stations, crane units and mobile office waste holding tanks along with fresh water tanks.